Sterling Silver Plated Golden Tones Wires

Craftalon Wire is permanently colored copper wire. The wire has an exclusive enamel coating that is available with a high shine metallic finish, The coating is engineered to resist tarnishing, chipping, and peeling and to stand up to coiling, spiral making, twisting, wrapping, and other wire working techniques. Start by choosing a wire thickness.

Golden Tones: Gold, Light Gold, Champagne Gold, Aged Gold, Gilt Gold

Gauges: 12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34

Length By Gauge (Yards): 2.5yd, 4.5yd, 5yd, 8yd, 10yd, 15yd, 25yd, 30yd, 40yd, 50yd, 60yd, 75yd